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Here are the top questions we've gotten over the years regarding presale codes, presale passwords, presales in general, tickets in general and a host of other hopefully helpful ticket information.

Q: What is a presale password? What is a presale code?

A: Presale Passwords or Presale Codes are usually a word or password that when entered into a special offers box on or will let you buy tickets before the general public. During the “presale period” which could last an hour, a day or even several weeks tickets are sold off to people with the correct password.

Most presales available on Presale.Codes are used on or but some are used on other box office sites.

Q: How do I use a presale offer code? Where do I type in the password?

A: Most presales listed on Presale.Codes are through or

To take advantage of an offer, find the event presale you are looking for and enter your password into the password box.

Each presale on our site will have a link to the official box office where tickets can be purchased at face value.

Q: Is this legit? Really?

A: Sure is. Been online for a long time - plenty of opportunities for people to write nasty reviews of us.. there aren't many/any :D See a few resources like here (, a post on Reddit, we've got a page with links from some music bloggers who love us too.

Q: What is a Fan Club Presale? How do "Unique Presale Codes" work?

A: Fan Club Presales are for members of a specific organization, such as a band's fan-club, season ticket holders or past ticket purchasers in some cases (such as when an event has had to be rescheduled).

In some cases, each and every member of the Fan Club may be given a unique single-use password which expires once it has been used to purchase presale tickets.

Because these passwords are single use and our thousands and thousands of members would quickly be disappointed by the lack of availability - we cannot share unique Fan Club presale codes out of respect for the members who have paid to be a part of a Fan Club Presale, and also because once the code is used it would not work for anyone else.

Q: Does every event have a presale? And an offer code to go with it?

A: Many events have presales, but many events do not have a presale.

Only certain events offer a presale promotion but there are many that do - more than ⅓ tickets sold in 2020 was sold during a presale (that's an estimate we made up).

When purchasing tickets, always refer to an official box office outlet to see if an event is holding a ticket presale.

If a presale is advertised, then be sure to visit Presale.Codes to find the Presale Offer Code for your event.

Q: Do you post information for every presale? Do you get every single code?

A: We try our best to post all of the most popular event presale information. However, we cannot guarantee that all presales will be listed, or all codes will be available.

We probably average about half of the presales that are available, some days it's closer to to sixty percent of presales and others it's more like thirty percent. We do our best and update our data as often as possible during the day.

Q: Do you post event information for concerts outside the US? What about Europe?

A: We currently publish presale offer codes and information for events within the United States and Canada. We do not offer coverage of Europe at the present time.

Q: Do you offer information on sports? Playoffs?

A: Though the majority of the presale offer codes you will find here is for concerts and music events we do list as many sporting event presales as we can.

This does from time to time include information on Playoff Presale Codes, Final Presale Offers, even Championship presale passwords.

Q: Do you sell tickets? You must sell tickets right?

A: No, we do not sell tickets on our website. Furthermore, the information on our site does not guarantee tickets to any specific event. We simply collect and organize Ticketmaster, Livenation, Venue, Radio, Facebook, Twitter, Newsletter, and American Express, Presale Offer Codes for the personal use of our members (that’s YOU).

Q: So you sell presale passwords? Right?

A: We do not sell individual presale passwords or offer codes: We do have a membership plan that will give you full-access to all of the presale information listed on Presale.Codes website. It's pretty affordable and you can cancel it at any time.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

A: We've got a help page for this exact situation, it should explain how you cancel your subscription.

Once you've canceled your subscription in PayPal your membership will immediately end and no further payments will be taken in the future.

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